Cuvie Blueberry

HQD Cuvie Blueberry

Blueberry HQD Cuvie V1 is a Pre-Filled 300 hits disposable vape pen. The first original device by HQD TECH.  This amazing flavor of Fresh blueberries is delightful and has a slightly sweet taste that is mixed with a little bit of acid from the berry. The taste of blueberry is hard for some people to describe, but can often be said to be sweeter than grapes, but similar to both red and green grapes. Customers can purchase this flavor from any smoke shop in Davie or from our HQD VAPE online store.

Cuvie Blueberry
Cuvie Blueberry

HQD Cuvie is a disposable electronic cigarette device that comes fully charged and pre-loaded with salt nicotine e-liquid. Each pack has 3 one-use disposable vapes that are reliable and delicious. HQD Cuvie is a device with more than 300 puffs, it has a super-rich flavor. HQD Cuvie Blueberry is a smooth blueberry flavored vape. It will become one of your favorite disposables. If you’re looking for a lighter berry flavor, Blueberry E-Juice is it. Made with blueberries picked at their peak ripeness, so you know the flavor is on point. Light, smooth, and sweet. Nothing too fancy with this flavor, just a brilliant blueberry taste. Blueberry is a relaxing flavor you would want to unwind with. It tastes great on it’s own and when mixed with menthol or other fruit flavors.

Device Details:

  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Power Range: 7~12W
  • Weight: 12g
  • Input Voltage: 3.7V
  • E-liquid Capacity: 1.25ml
  • Concentration: 5% nicotine

Packaging Includes:

  • Each Pack contains 3x HQD Cuvie Disposable Vape Device


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