HQD CUVIE PLUS is a closed disposable device, and its features, size, and appearance resemble that of a regular lighter and comes in blister packs intended for three devices. Its package mainly specifies the ingredients, flavor, nicotine concentration, and the original sticker from its manufacture. Further, the device color differs depending on the flavor attributes. Curvie has an extremely small size, fits in the pocket, and does not need additional maintenance or accessories. Overall, the device is sleek, bright, has a hole for vaping on the top, and a diode on the bottom that lightens during vaping.

Cuvie plus has numerous advantages that include safety, odorless, controlled nicotine intake, and controlled vapor production. Vaping is considered 95% safer than typical cigarettes because no combustion is involved; vaping allows users to enjoy a smoke-free substitute. Hence, allowing the user to enjoy better circulation, lung capacity, oral hygiene, and skin health. Another main advantage is that it maintains an environment free of smoke. The product emits sweet instead of the odor of dead leaves of cigarettes. Also, the smell is hardly noticeable. Moreover, vaping allows the individual has full control of the dose of nicotine. It is also plausible to find e-juice of different strengths, like no nicotine or high-strength nicotine. Thus, based on the client’s preferences and desires, the user can make an individualized and optimal choice.  Another core benefit is that the user has total control over the emission of vapor. Small devices like pod vapes attribute low vapor and convenience. Also, the device has numerous flavor choices to pick from and an increasing number of tastes that are introduced to the market with every production. Hence, the clients cannot run out of options, including menthol, tobacco, beverages, foods, and fruits.

HQD Cuvie has various unique features like compact size, self-sufficiency, and lack of maintenance requirements compared to other vape devices. The user does not have to change, press any buttons, or even adjust the pod; hence the user can only unpack the HQD CUVIE and begin utilizing it straight away and dispose of it after. Moreover, the device is an excellent match for individuals who desire to give up smoking and explore a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes or those who cannot utilize the typical vape devices for specific reasons. However, HQD CUVIE uses salt nicotine, which is unsuitable for individuals who prefer zero nicotine e-liquids.

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