LDR 531 WEEK 2 Personal Leadership Issue Presentation

LDR 531 WEEK 2 Personal Leadership Issue Presentation

LDR 531 WEEK 2 Personal Leadership Issue Presentation

LDR 531 WEEK 2 Personal Leadership Issue Presentation Review the Learning Check and your personal leadership self-assessment in preparation for this assessment.

Purpose of Assessment 

The contemporary workforce is rapidly changing from a myriad of demographics. The effective leader must be skilled in managing topics such as the: 1) diverse workforce, 2) ethics in the work environment, 3) leadership changes, etc. You will be measured on how you demonstrate the alignment of your personal values against the values of the company as well as your ability to present information clearly and with precision. For this assignment, you will use Microsoft® PowerPoint® and presentation notes in your presentation material to convey the information for this assessment.



You’ve been asked to lead a session on one of the three topics shown above at a leadership conference. Identify a company or organization that has one of the three topics shown above. Explain the practices that are in place to support this topic as an example to start the discussion. Use this example to create an appropriate strategy for identifying and implementing leadership strategies for additional support.


Prepare an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with presentation notes that covers the following:

·        Introduce yourself to the conference and describe the challenges that come with leading one of the three topics shown above.

·        Identify the company you chose.

·        Assess the practices already in place for supporting the topic.

·        Determine the skills that leaders need to lead your topic (e.g.interpersonal skills).

·        Referencing your results from the Personal Leadership Evaluation you completed in Week 1, assess the applicable skills you possess and which ones you lack.

·        Utilizing the Personal Leadership Evaluation results, explain to your audience how leaders, such as yourself, can maximize strengths and improve weaknesses in ways to support your topic in the workplace.

·        Assess 3 key takeaways that you want the attendees to remember about leadership and the needed actions regarding your topic.

·        To build a case on their importance and value to the organization, discuss how implementing these points could impact the bottom line (profits, expenses, and productivity).

·        Sum up your presentation with concluding remarks that capture the key actions the audience should do.


Cite at least three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment. You may find valuable information from Harvard Business Review and Fast Company located in the University Library.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. NOTE: all assignments must have a title page/slide, introduction, body of assignment, conclusion, and reference page/slide. LDR 531 WEEK 2 Personal Leadership Issue Presentation

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