VAPE HEALTH PROBLEM – Health problems have been one of the most influential factors towards the growth and development of sound mind individuals in a society. This has been due to the increased issues like the varying environmental problems and quality issues, increased violence’s and injuries among the individuals, increased level of mental health among the preferred individuals, a lot of substance abuse among the youths and adults, and lack of proper nutrition strategies and physical activities. However, the below discussion involves some of the health issues and the need for health promotion for the adults in the lifespan from a young adult population from the culture of African Americans. The paper will also help describe one of the health indicators from several healthy populations, thus giving the better kind of wellness associated with several healthy people when it comes to vaping like HQD FUME.

Some of the health problems among the adults in African American culture include an increased level of high blood pressure among the adults HD-05, issues in nutrition and physical activities, increased substance abuse, violence and injuries, differences in environmental qualities, and increased cases of mental health. As a result, therefore, there has been a need to promote healthcare to help raise the health status of the various individuals, communities, and the nation (Fuchs & Whelton, 2020). This is to assist in enhancing the quality of life for every individual in the African American culture, thus reducing the increased levels of premature deaths.

The leading health indicators (LHIs) includes minimal health priority subsets among a certain number of individuals with the 2030 objectives, which is much more set to assist in driving the critical health actions towards improving the wellbeing as well as the health of the adults in the African American culture. as a result, therefore, the LHIs helps in addressing of some essential factors which leads to the development of some significant decease and death causes in the United States thus helping in organization and communication of the health factors among the nations (Johnson, Gold & Baciu, 2020, May). This helps enhance increased focus on some available resources and raised efforts to improve health and well-being.

The high blood pressure among the adults in the native Americans has been of high risk since it has for long affected the health of the individuals. According to the America ministry of health, blood pressures include the measurements of the various forces exerted against the arteries walls when one’s heart pumps the blood all over one’s body. Thus, therefore makes the term hypertension be used to refer to high blood pressure. Uncontrolled and untreated high blood pressure can lead to other related diseases and increased death rates (Lê-Scherban et al., 2019). The Increase control of high blood pressure in adults HD-05 includes proper uptake of one’s medicine

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